How do I control recording video of my swing during a round from the Apple Watch?

  1. The iPhone must be unlocked and the app must running and be in the foreground to start recording. If the screen is locked or the app goes into the background, any recording will stop immediately.

  2. On the Apple Watch, scroll down to the Recorded Swings section for the hole, then tap the row with the (+) for the golfer whose swing you want to record.

  3. Before you start the recording, you have the ability to provide more details such as the date/time, the golfer, the recording delay and maximum length. When you are ready to start recording, tap the green Start Recording button.

  4. After tapping the Start Recording button, if you a have a record delay set you will get a count down before the camera will start recording on the iPhone.

  5. If you have a maximum recording length set then the recording will stop when the time is reached.

    Or when you tap the red Stop Recording button

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